[lumos_icon_block icon=”icon-chat” layout=”top-large”]Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said![/lumos_icon_block][lumos_testimonial_block title=”Áine Carvill News Director : Music and Arts Coordinator Spirit Radio – Passion for Life Dublin”]I spent a treasured hour in the company of Jo, while he did a ‘(wannabe) rock star’ personal shoot with me and some pretty enormous Harley Davidson motorcycles… It was my first time doing something like this and i was apprehensive and awkward to begin with but Jo was so soothing and encouraging that i quickly felt at ease, so much so that the hour passed too quickly!
The end results were surprising and delightful. It was me, but me in a way that i’d never perceived myself. I was really happy with my once in a lifetime gift to myself and the fact that Jo was the photographer made ALL the difference.[/lumos_testimonial_block][lumos_testimonial_block title=”Bill Phillips, Murrieta, California”]I have been a Springsteen fan since I saw him play at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in 1975. Since then I’ve seen thousands of photos of Springsteen, both solo and with the band. Without a doubt Jo has captured the electricity and spontaneity of the band and crowd in his work. His photographs paint a vivid reflection of the Springsteen experience. Jo has managed to capture angles and positions I’ve never seen in any other rock photography.[/lumos_testimonial_block][lumos_testimonial_block title=”Mark Overton, Founder of Off Beat Lounge”]Over the last decade I’ve worked with some of the very finest rock music photographers, and the work of Jo Lopez sits comfortably in such company. Jo’s photography of Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band in particular has never been surpassed in my opinion[/lumos_testimonial_block][lumos_testimonial_block]”Jo’s Photographs really show what kind of experience it is to be at a Bruce concert, feeling the energy, a unique atmosphere and an incredible dedication to his audience – Lyrics of Bruce are deep, his music expresses it and his act on stage is immortalized by Jo while showing not only what Bruce and the band do, but also how Bruce seems like thinking at a precise moment and how he lives his own music.
The backstages pictures are mind-blowing, they truly put the viewer as a part of the band, where dream almost becomes reality.


[lumos_testimonial_block] No one puts as much heart, soul and vision into working with artists as Jo Lopez. When Jo was working with me taking the photos for my album “Here’s To Change” Jo took the time to listen and understand my musical vision and applied that inspiration to what would become the look and feel of the album packaging. Jo has an incredible ability to work with the artist, always making sure that the artist and their individual story is what shines through his art.

Josh Taerk www.joshtaerk.com[/lumos_testimonial_block]